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Burglars Want You to Make These 11 Mistakes When You Go On Holiday

Burglars Want You to Make These 11 Mistakes When You Go On Holiday

If you’re like me, you’ve been counting down the days until you get to spend the holidays with the people you care about most.
To ensure the safety of your house and valuables while you’re away, it’s important to take the proper steps, whether you’re going on a family vacation or taking a break for yourself.
If you have a security system, you need to make sure it’s operating properly. Many people fail to notice these basic blunders. Make your way through the list of things you can do to make it more difficult for thieves to take advantage of you while you’re away for the winter.
Share this article with your relatives and friends, and let us know if we missed any typical blunders that homeowners make while they are away.

1.Turning off the lights seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

When you’re gone, you don’t want to risk leaving your appliances and devices running in the background, which can be prevented with simple and easy-to-use technology.

2.Not Clearing Snow from the Driveway

You may want to consider hiring someone to maintain your driveway clear of snow, or enlisting the aid of a kind friend or family member.

3. Having an overflowing mailbox is the third thing on this list.

USPS allows you to place a hold on all of your deliveries if no one is available to check your mailbox on a regular basis while you’re gone.

4.When You Leave Your GPS in Your Car at the Airport

To get into your house, they won’t hesitate to break into your automobile, and the GPS will help them find their way back there. Taking out your GPS or hiding it properly before exiting your vehicle in long-term parking is a good rule of thumb.

5.Keeping Your Driveway Clear of Automobiles

Instead of driving yourself to the airport, ask a buddy to pick you up and drop you off. They may even take your vehicle out for a spin from time to time if they’re particularly friendly.

6,Bringing your dog along for the ride

Small dogs may frighten away possible intruders with their warning barks, so you’ll need to ensure that someone will be able to come in and care for them often throughout the day.

7.On Garbage Day, I Forgot

Once again, this will need the assistance of a friend, but if you’ll be gone for more than a week, you should enlist the aid of a neighbor to move your garbage cans to the road for you, even if they are empty.

8.Keeping Your Valuables in a Dangerous Situation

Don’t make it easy for them if they break into your house by leaving jewelry and other valuables lying about for them to pick up and take.

9.Giving Away a spare key

Most professional thieves are well-versed in the many methods people use to hide a spare key near their front door. Plus, you won’t need it when you’re on vacation! “

10.Having no security measures in place

An unprotected person is more susceptible to attack.
Before you go, make sure to notify your security provider so that they can keep a close eye out for anything suspicious.

11.Using Social Media to Promote Your Trip

I know this is a tough one since we all want to share pictures and updates, particularly around the holidays, but you never know whether someone on your friend list is dishonest.
Please let us know if we’ve missed any additional typical blunders people make while on the road. Let us know what you think in the comments area, and don’t forget to SHARE this post with your friends and family!


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