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Doctors advise parents to save their children’s baby teeth for as long as they can. Why?

Doctors advise parents to save their children’s baby teeth for as long as they can. Why?

For children all throughout the world, losing their first tooth is a kind of rite of passage. As you get older, you’ll notice that you have more hair. If you’re like most families, the “tooth fairy” will leave you a few dollars under your pillow in the morning.

Your kids may have grown up to know that the tooth fairy is real, and if so, you may have given them some money to mark this milestone in their lives.

Afterwards, what do you do with the tooth that you’ve traded in? As nostalgic relics, some individuals retain them, while others just throw them away. After all, what good is it to you if you lose a baby tooth?

There’s a lot of information out there.

Baby teeth are an excellent source of stem cells, which are protocells that can be developed into a variety of different types of cells.

A child’s baby teeth may be utilized as a source of stem cells later in life if they require replacement tissue for any reason. very impressive.

The practice of keeping infant teeth may have the potential to save lives and cure a wide range of illnesses. Learn more about this incredible procedure by reading on.

The loss of baby teeth, or deciduous teeth, is a common childhood milestone. It is estimated that most children lose their first baby teeth around the age of six and their last baby teeth by the time they are 12 years old.

We all remember the first tiny wiggle that signaled that something was about to happen, and then the strange lack of a tooth when it eventually came out.

However, what do we remember the most about these experiences? The tooth fairy’s promise of a reward in cash!

The tooth fairy custom has a lengthy history (some believe the idea of a tooth fairy actually dates all the way back to the 13th century).

In Norse folklore, newborn teeth were seen as a sign of good fortune.

Baby teeth play an important role in many other cultures’ customs. Throwing baby teeth into the air or onto the ground is common practice in various cultures. Children in certain cultures are encouraged to bury their first set of teeth.

Babies’ teeth may indeed bring good fortune, but in a more scientific sense than previously thought. According to research conducted in 2003, infant teeth contain stem cells that may be maintained for years in the event of future medical issues if saved soon after they fall out.

Even if the tooth fairy just gives you a few cents for a baby tooth, growing heart cells from an old tooth is fairly impressive. That’s fantastic.

The stem cells can only be preserved if the newborn teeth are kept fresh. Stem cells disintegrate and lose their efficacy over time, just like everything else.

A box full of baby teeth isn’t going to do the trick for you.

It’s better for children’s teeth to be preserved by parents using services like Store-A-Tooth. Before your child’s teeth come out, you will need to work with your dentist to utilize the Store-A-Tooth service.

Your dentist and the Store-A-Tooth team will work together to transport your child’s teeth to a secure location where the stem cells may be preserved for future use.

In a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation vault, the stem cells are preserved for years after they are removed from the tooth.

Samples of the child’s stem cells may be retrieved from storage and sent to their doctor if necessary.


A child’s tooth is an investment, but it’s well worth it to have their stem cells on hand in the event of an emergency. You may also be certain that your children will be delighted to learn that their teeth are being kept in a vault.

As bizarre as it may seem, it appears that those societies who held superstitious beliefs about the power of newborn teeth were on to something.

Check out the Store-A-Tooth website if you’d like to learn more about saving baby teeth for your children or grandchildren.

Make sure to keep this business in mind when your kid loses a tooth in the future.


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