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How to Make a Mini-Garden with a Broken Garden Pot

How to Make a Mini-Garden with a Broken Garden Pot

You don’t have to toss damaged garden pots if you have them sitting around. Instead, you may use them to create a gorgeous mini-garden in your home or office. If you’re a fan of DIY projects, this gardening project is for you. An old, cracked pot from the garden, some plants, and your imagination are all you need to get started.

You are free to use whatever kind of plant you like. They should be on the smaller end. All of them will be put together in one pot. Best results will be achieved by using succulents or herbs. Consider where you want to put your garden as well. If you’re decorating an interior space, for example, consider using low-light-demanding plants. Even if you’re not a gardener, we’ve got some more ideas for repurposing damaged garden pots.

This is how you construct a mini-garden out of a broken garden pot.

It’s time to get started, then. LET’S GET IT DONE!

What you’ll need to do:

  • a smashed pot of flowers
  • Favorite flora of yours
  • Pack soil in using a shovel or gardening tool with a tiny spoon.
  • Masking tape is sometimes known as duck tape.


  1. Collect all of the garden pot’s parts. Stop dirt from escaping by taping up the hole at the bottom.

2. The container should be filled to the brim with the soil from your plants. If you’re creating a layered garden, you’ll want to mound the soil deeper toward the rear of the pot.

3. Next, position one of the garden pot’s shattered parts in front of the other. Using your fingers, firmly press down on the dirt to compact it.

4. Place herbs like lavender, thyme, or rosemary in front of it. Hanging over the pot is ok. In fact, it enhances the visual attractiveness of the room.

5. The herbs should be surrounded by a bit extra earth. After that, add extra earth from other plants to the rear. A large amount of soil is necessary to support all the plants.

6. To construct levels, add a few additional broken pieces and equally space them out. If extra dirt is needed, add some and push it in with your fingers.

7. Put a few potted plants behind the third shattered piece at the top of the container. Using your hands or a small gardening tool, tamp down the soil.

8. Plants should be placed on the second layer as you go along. Get the right plants for your garden and you’ll have an abundance of color. Selecting plants that aren’t too big is a good rule of thumb.

9. Continue to cram as many plants into the container as possible. Small pebbles may be added to the levels in order to provide some diversity. Stones, crystals, and seashells are among the other options that may be used.

10. Stacking the plants and other things will result in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creation. Whether it’s inside or out, your mini-garden will benefit from being in a well-lit location. Do not forget to document and disseminate your magnificent work!

The shattered pot in your garden was a blessing in disguise, wasn’t it? Because of its newfound success, it can now be used to brighten up any indoor or outdoor environment. Have a great time making this DIY project!

creative ideas to use a damaged planter

What you can accomplish with a shattered piece of pottery will amaze you. we’ll provide you a few recommendations to get you going. Ingenuity can provide fresh life to even the most worn-out of items.

  1. Your outdoor garden will look great with the help of a broken garden pot. Alternatively, you may use the pieces as stepping stones or lay them alongside plants as a decorative detail.

2. Please use them as a decorative mulch around potted plants. This is due to the fact that it helps the plant retain moisture and deters pests.

3. DIY plant labels may be made from of little broken pots. You can clearly observe what’s growing in your garden if you place them near herbs or plants The labels may be made using stick-on lettering or paint.

4. Use your garden pot to create one-of-a-kind yard art. Gnomes, fairies and mushrooms are just some of the quirky objects that may be included in a fairy garden. Add moss or paint the interior green to make it seem like a field of grass. Bird figurines, stones, or rocks may also be added to your garden.

5. Garden pots may be used as edging for walkways. A excellent idea to reuse your broken pots is to use them in this fashion. For an eye-catching landscaping feature, arrange the pots along your driveway or path.

6. Create little gardens for your children or grandkids to enjoy. To be fair, the endeavor is both enjoyable and educational for children.

7. Insects and other tiny animals need a secure place to live. Turn the pot upside down if there’s a little hole in it. Then, little animals like frogs, lizards, and insects will have a safe haven to call home.

8. Even a broken pot from the garden might be used for mosaics. Build your own pumpkin, bird bath, or stepping stones, or even a whole new pot.

9. Use a broken pot to hold a citronella candle to ward off mosquitoes. Put it in a bigger pot and cover it with greenery to disguise the damaged pieces if possible.

10. Create a “spill pot” using the shattered pieces and your favorite plants. Add potting soil or compost to an area that is slightly bigger than the pot. In order to conceal the fractured part, place the pot half-buried in the earth. Add a couple of the flowers to the pot to create a spilled look, and then plant the rest of the flowers.

I’ve come to the end of my search for imaginative ways to recycle a cracked garden pot.

Garden pots may be given new life in numerous ways. Mini gardens, decorations, and even lizard houses are all things you can do with them instead of throwing them away. You can discover a plethora of other ideas for repurposing garden pots online as well.

Rejuvenating the spirit and igniting the creative mind are two of the many benefits of DIY projects. So, if you’re feeling down, try making something out of a broken garden pot.


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